Investigating the Use of Waste Cooking Oil in Production of Biodiesel as a Supplement to Petroleum Fuels in Kampala District, Uganda

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This research explored the potential of waste cooking oil (WCO) for biodiesel production in Kampala, Uganda in search for a potential supplement to the petroleum fuels. The research aimed to attain this biodiesel as low cost fuel that will be blended with petroleum diesel in order to mitigate the high fuel prices. The research investigated factors influencing the viability of Waste cooking oil-based biodiesel production in Kampala, such as Waste cooking oil availability, collection methods. It also covered the biodiesel production process and the financial impact of the biodiesel compared to traditional diesel. Finally, the research was able to conclude Waste cooking oil-based biodiesel as viable supplement to petroleum diesel due to the compatibility in the engine performance and an overall price reduction in fuel price by 4% per litre.